Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day One

Here I am again, starting another weight loss journey. Hoping and praying I keep up motivation to reach my goal weight. Last venture I dropped to 215 pounds on the way to my goal of 180 pounds. Sadly I start this new weight loss journey back up to a starting weight of 245 pounds. What can I say? I am my own worst enemy. I snack when I am bored. When I am upset, down, depressed, I crave junk food (chips, popcorn, chocolate... you name it). We have been much better about not ordering fast food all the time around here. So, that habit will not be so hard to avoid anymore. I started today with my weight watchers and began the point system. My points allotted for the day is 28. At 8:30pm I am currently sitting with 2 points left. Today was an easy day. It kind of helps that I worked a night shift last night and didn't start until 5am this morning on the diet. I then came home and slept until 2:30 this afternoon.

Here is what I ate today:

5am - yogurt (2points)
8am - bowl of cereal with 1% milk (5points)
2:30pm - 2 cheddar rice cakes (2points)
5pm - chicken made into wraps (3points)
cucumbers and onion (0points)
salad dressing for flavor (2points)
rice to make the wraps filling (2points)
8pm - 30 dill pickle crispers (4points)
diet soda (0points)

Throughout the day I also drank only two bottles of water which I know I need to increase. Water has not been high on my intake list these days, so I think two bottles a day while I was sleeping most of it was pretty good for me day one.